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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pursuing Your Dream --

How many times do you get up in the morning and feel like you just want to “get through your day”? I did.. until last year.. not until I had a health scare that made me feel like I was truly blessed to be alive.. it made me realize that life was too short to just live to survive .. I wanted to FEEL exhilarated and above all, content..
I recently interviewed one the animators of Pixar, his name is Carlos Baena.. not only was he one of the most charismatic people I have ever met.. he was also one of the nicest..

One of the things he was most passionate about was his love for all things cinema.. Animation was one of his first loves.. but ultimately it was the telling of a story that intrigued him… every day he gets up .. he can’t wait to work.. he is inspired by his culture in the freeness the comes with being Latino.. we encourage dreamers and hard work…
That made me think.. what happened to my dreams.. my goals..? Once I became a Mom.. it seemed as if I got my degree sort of a side note to making sure my boys became well-adjusted kids…
I realized when I interviewed Mr.Baena that somewhere along the way .. I lost that passion .. even within the last year.. when I made my goal to live life to the fullest… It seems as if I always take a back seat… BUT NO LONGER… I made a goal today .. that I would start with one hour everyday when I just do something for myself… even if I am tired..I WILL:
                     have a cup of tea
                     take a bubble bath
                     watch a show on my DVR
                     have a friend (or friends ) over for dinner
                     play with my new puppy
                     POST A BLOG :-)

I know that pursuing a dream can seem daunting .. but I challenge you to join me in at least starting with an hour a day doing something you love… something that soothes you.. something that helps you unwind
At the end of the day.. YOU are left with memories.. make them memorable .. and if you can’t do that today.. that is the beauty of TOMORROW..  ;-)


haircutting in high heels said...

What great inspiration..hope someday soon I will be that friend over for dinner for coffee or dinner :)

Bere said...

ANYtime sister! You know where I live ;)!

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