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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I have missed writing to you .. and I can't promise that I will not neglect you in the future.. let me explain why. I HAVE TWO NEW JOBS!! I had to give up so much three years ago when I packed up my boys, leaving a job and financial semi-stability in Florida. I drove cross-country back to LA to have a second operation and I was unsure of the outcome of that, scared, exhausted, and desperate for a miracle.

My surgery and recovery were successful but I had no job, was living with my mom, and feeling lost. All I could think about was: storms. Let me explain; one day when I was living in North Dakota it was raining so hard we had to pull over because you couldn't even see an inch in front of you. The rain subsided in about five minutes but those five minutes felt like five hours. It was a tiny car, I had a crying 9 month old, and I was in the middle of nowhere. When it was over I had this thought, "Isn't this like life.. sometimes it storms so hard that you can't even see how you are going to go on (that one inch ahead of you blurs) and then in the next moment, the sun is shining and there is even a beautiful rainbow."

I thought about those moments today because I can feel that I am where I am supposed to be (for now). Both jobs are doing what I love helping people and social media. What makes it even more amazing is that on my last day, yesterday, at my previous job they announced that in two weeks they would be laying off about 60 employees. I felt blessed, humbled, and ready for more challenges because I had angels looking out for me -- making sure I got my rainbows and miracles. 

I can attest that if you hold out in your storm, you will come out okay. However, prepare yourself, go back to school if you can, involve yourself in internships, and get out there -- do not isolate yourself. Be encouraged, be good to others (Karma is real and she has a long memory), and never forget your dreams --- let them be your incentives to push you through your storm.

P.S. For any job-seekers-- here is a blog post I did for an amazing company that may interest you: iHispano

Monday, November 14, 2011

LATISM'11 --- Letra de Amor

I have had an amazing seven or so days, but the highlight has to be the two days that I spent in Chicago for the LATISM'11 conference. Yes, it was freezing but it is STILL one of my favorite cities. I didn't really get to take a lot of pictures because I worked as volunteer for this event, however, I can honestly say that it was worth everything to be able to go. The workshops were amazing, the highlight for me was the Education TownHall with representatives from the White House asking us questions and then having us answer them in both large and small group sessions.

There will be other blog posts about some of the companies that were in attendance because they had some truly incredible things to convey to us, however, I want to talk about one component that set this conference apart from the other conferences that I have attended.

For those of you that are not familiar with LATISM one of the things that we do is we have a weekly tweetup every Thursday. We have covered issues such as education, using social media for social change, and many others. We talk to one another, answer questions, and put our views out there for the world to acknowledge. In doing so we have become a community, a family, and we really do love each other very much. Over the weeks, we have gotten to know each other because if you end your tweet with the #LATISM hashtag believe me someone is there to listen.

Often you would hear the words, "...I follow you on Twitter.." or "..I was hoping you would be here hermano/a". It may sound cheesy but there was a lot of love in the air in Navy Pier. Sure, we love to debate over politics, social views, and so on .. but at the end of the day .. we have formed a family that supports one another and tries to lift each other up.

I was so proud to see my fellow LATISM brothers and sisters because they truly inspire me each and everyday to be better and to dream bigger. There were so many people there that said or did something that touched my heart and I will take the memories of this trip with me and look forward to more in HOUSTON for LATISM 2012!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Día de Los Muertos at the Autry Museum

It is no secret that I love museums; it is also no secret that I have passed this love on to my children. They enjoy seeing how artists express their creativity and passion through acting, singing, art, and dancing. What I have come to enjoy is seeing their faces light up when seeing something new.
This weekend, thanks to LatinaBloggersConnect, we got a chance to go to The Autry Museum and check out the artisans, shrines, dancers, face-painting, and awesome musical artists (they werent just singers.. these were some breathtaking performers!). As you can see by the pictures below, the boys had a blast and I was truly inspired by the elder that told Aztec stories with an accompaniment of instruments. 

I have to say that this was my first time at this museum (I know.. insert *gasp* here), I am not sure if it is because of its location (it is right next to the Los Angeles Zoo and Griffith Park) or because I have always been fascinated by the LACMA, Getty, and Norton Simon that I have neglected the other museums, however, this must be rectified and soon!! 

This museum had loads of interesting finds like a room that children can play in a kitchen or pretend they are selling food in a makeshift restaurant (cash register and everything). The boys specifically loved this (it was right up there with getting there face painted). 

The Autry will be having Las Posadas in December *excited* ... the boys and I are definitely going, join us!

Disclosure: AdventuresofThree received complimentary entrance,however, this is not a sponsored post.