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Monday, February 21, 2011


I know .. I haven’t really kept up with you guys like I should.. however.. so much has been on my mind.. you see.. I am going to be turning 29 on March 7th.. I have been spending a lot of time thinking about where my twenties went ..LOL! .. There has been so many ups .. some downs.. but most of all, I am amazed that I am “here” in life.. allow me explain: a couple of weeks ago I was having coffee with two awesome friends .. we have a monthly “girls evening out” .. and we were catching up and I was telling them about my goings on and I said this statement, “I am truly in a place in my life where everything else is just a bonus because amazingly enough I AM HAPPY” I know what you are thinking .. okay .. what is so amazing about feeling that way.. but for me it was an amazing moment because I honestly feel that way.. for so long.. I had felt like “okay.. if I can just [insert goal here].. then my life will be better (or complete)”… and that feeling of fulfillment never came .. Not after getting married, having two children, getting my degree, getting a steady job, or moving back home.. nothing made me feel “content”. Yes, I know now that you can’t rely on external actions to bring you personal fulfillment .. but I had to learn this on my own.. and I did that day when I was able to say the words “ I AM HAPPY” and mean them.
Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that because I am happy that I am going to stop striving on personal and professional goals.. I just wont let those things determine my happiness. I AMMM BACK readers… just took some time to myself for a second to explore this new me.. nice to meet you self .. this is the start of a wonderful friendship!

Find your happiness people.. its inside you .. and it is an incredible thing!