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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Discovering Mas Luncheon

Soo my lovelies.. this past Saturday I went to the “Discovering Mas” Luncheon.. yes.. unbelievable that I left my babies on a Saturday … but let me tell you .. IT WAS WORTH IT!!

Aside from getting a little lost because my Google Maps App told me the destination would be on the left .. the place Callender's Grill  was an awesome restaurant and the food was delicious .. but I digress....

I got to meet some awesome ladies ..very awesome company …  needless to say .. there was bonding going on over pasta and drinks...that is one of the reasons why I started blogging.. I wanted to reach out to people .. although I wasn’t quite ready to leave the safety net of my home either.. … once I began to going to blogging events .. I was very nervous but it helped knowing that the people I would meet already had something in common with me .. they had blogs... and that filled that beginning silence that makes me a little uncomfortable when I first meet someone… the women at this event were very nice, professional, and ready to learn from our guest speakers: Jennifer Vides and Wally Sabria ..

Jennifer Vides spoke to us about developing our personal brand .. she inspired me to create my own persona and I brainstormed during her presentation what I stood for ...hmmm (more to come) …

Wally Sabria talked to us about creating a dialogue with our readers and during my brainstorming in his presentation.. I came up with my logo:

What do you guys think?? This logo took me forever (keep in mind I am very new to all of this .. lol)!
From this event --- I FOUND the physical representation of my voice, which as my logo states is that of a renaissance woman .. Iam not only am a Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend .. I am also a professional mujer(woman) that is a jack of all trades and a juggler of life.. I challenge my readers.. male and female alike to think about what voice they have… and what that voice can offer the world … ;) 

OH MY GOSH: THE GOODIE BAGS WERE AMMMAAAZING.. the mouse pad that QUE RICA VIDA gave just reminded me of how much I wish I had an IPAD so I can download their app which I hear from everybody that has awesome recipes, Kurvee gave some awesome goodies (you can read my tweets to see how much II LOOVVE the Bic pen I got from them), Avocados from Mexico were also there and I literally had avocadoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. they were soo big and just ripe enough! (more about the recipes I used later..) Procter and Gamble gave us soooo much stuff, Chinese Laundry, Ardell,  China Glaze, Carolina Pad, Macys, and Palomaya ( I was really hoping I would win their t-shirt in the raffles :/), WetnWild, Payless Shoe Source, Bali (the tights were amazing.!), Knex.. I hope I am not leaving any out because all of the companies were much appreciated.... here are some pics :) 

The Pen (thanks @kurvee)!

courtesy of:

One more thing that I have been playing around with sharing with you guys is that I will be beginning to take more control of my health and in doing so .. I WILL BE RUNNING IN A MARATHON ON DECEMBER 10th … I will talk more about this in my next blog post ….



Dariela said...

Great recap! I was so sad to miss it and then I didn't meet you. I can't believe how many of us latina bloggers are in LA! Hopefully I'll get to meet you next time. Meanwhile I'll be connecting on the web!!

Bere said...

There ARE a lot of us here in LA!I was so amazed! I look forward to meeting you.. please send me a note whenever you like :)! Thanks so much for reading my blog :)..

Jessica Sofia Valle said...

YAY LOGO!!!! ;-)

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