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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dancing with a monkey...


Spring is here! To my family this means: planting flowers, cleaning (my favorite—not so much for my two boys…), rain, picnics, and DANCING! Yes, folks I said dancing. One of our favorite activities is going to our backyard, lighting some festive lanterns, and having a mini dance party (of course there is also turkey burgers on the grill and loads of snacks... we are foodies after all.)

Children don’t care if they are getting the steps right (well... most don’t), they just want to move! My boys and I enjoy spending time together dancing to just about anything. Not only is dance a good way to get some exercise in but it is also a fantastic way to cut loose, release stress from school/homework/chores, as well as spend some quality time with your loved ones. Which brings me to dancing with our favorite monkey: Curious George!

Do your little ones love Curious George like my kids do? Do they have some crazy moves? Well, I am happy to announce that Curious George is having his very first DANCE Contest in celebration of how much the arts influence our little ones! (Can you believe that Curious George is on its sixth season on PBS KIDS®? Yikes... I am feelings a little old here...)

You can enter a video of your child/ren dancing to the Curious George theme song for a chance to be featured on a Curious George DVD…Or maybe even win a visit from George himself!

Please note (parent and guardians) that you only have until April 2, 2012 to send in videos of your child/ren (under the age of eight) to The public will then get to vote for a winner between April 16th - April 30th. Good luck and get dancing everybody – you can Spring Clean later :)!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Budding flowers...

Many of you may not know but I had a birthday this month. Yes, I can actually admit my age (it is for a good cause I believe), I have turned 30! This has been an incredibly emotional year for me for a variety of reasons: New Job (which I love), New position within an organization that I consider like a family, possibly going back to school soon, the list goes on (there are a couple of personal ones that I feel deserve their own post)....

Reflections: A while ago I took the picture above at night at my son's school. I started to think about the many times that I didn't allow myself to "bloom" because I was too scared of rejection, anxious about regretting decisions later, and so on. HOWEVER, what has struck me the most is that something internal happened to me when I turned the big 3 0 ... I stopped caring. I no longer care about what others think of me, why? Well, I have finally realized that I have pushed on through some pretty crazy times... I am pretty doggone strong and resilient and I don't need the approval of any person that seeks to put me down or criticize me.

Lessons: I am very grateful  there were MANY people that have been like guardian angels, at the right place and the right time to help me through some really rough spots. I have full faith in that if you stay ready, come prepared, and never treat people in a malicious manner, you will come out okay.This year, and for the years to come, I am excited about: taking chances, believing in myself, taking time to "smell the roses", and not allowing negative comments derail me from my goals.

What have you learned as you have gotten older/wiser?


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Remedios Caseros

Two weeks ago I was feeling so sick, however, as many of you know; I am a workaholic. I was driving home with bluish lips, wheezing, and a fever after a full week of work. Let me tell you by the next day... I called my Mami! She advised the usual: lots of rest, Vaporub (who hasn't used this to cure everything from a cold, allergies, burns, cuts ... etc...?), and chicken soup. Dragging myself out of bed and debating whether to give in to Nyquil and other meds … I decided to go with what I grew up with. 

By the following day I was wishing that I had not been stubborn about seeing a doctor because my fever had risen to 105 and I was so dizzy I couldn’t function. I found out I had acute pneumonia and was given emergency antibiotic shots and fluids. There are so many occasion where I am a BIG advocate of holistic health and going with our Remedios Caseros however, I learned a valuable lesson that weekend: you have to go to the doctor if your fever persists because your body is fighting an infection that your remedios may not combat as quickly as your body needs.

I still recommend teas, vitamins (especially Vitamin C and Zinc), Echinacea, chicken soup, and lots of water. I also would advise anyone (especially with little ones) to see a doctor when your symptoms have persisted past a couple of days because even though medicine isn’t what we grew up with (well  ... most of us anyway...). Medicine has come so far in being non-invasive and most doctors are very wary of giving little ones antibiotics.

It is second nature for us to “tough it out”, but as I learned these past couple of weeks, it can really hurt your body. There is no reason why you can’t do your holistic options as well as the headache meds, antibiotics, and other medicine that will make sure you are at least comfortable.

As Latinos we have tons of remedios handed to us from our families and friends but it is important to take advantage of the abundance of doctors and medicines that will help us get better quicker (and less contagious faster). What are some of your favorite home remedies? (Mine is chamomile tea for headaches  )