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Sunday, November 14, 2010

5th B-Day Adventure

Four years ago.. I looked forward to this day .. the day when my baby would be in kindergarten and be turning FIVE .. this was because I was still potty training my oldest son .. and changing diapers .. and finishing my degree .. so on and so forth..welll.. that day finally came .. and it was not what I expected .. I was saddened that I would no longer see another child off to kindergarten.. see funny little Christmas recitals … and it was even more bittersweet when my oldest son (Darion is seven) went on his very first big-boy rollercoaster: the Ghostrider at Knotts Berry Farm… our two-day celebration went like this:

I woke up my baby and snuggled and sung happy birthday to him..later I had to get him to stop singing happy birthday to himself and then the dog or he was going to make me late for work.. lol..
when I picked the boys up that day .. when asked where he wanted to go for dinner my brand-new five year old boldly stated that he wanted to go to Shogun.. and  we had a blast!
B-Day Boy

Mommy needed a drink ;)

The boys and I headed to Knotts Berry Farm and I thought that we would go on all the little kid rides .. but I was shocked when Darion said he wanted to go on Ghostrider.. and of course I had a moment when I wished he was too short to go on it.. but he was just barely tall enough and off he went.. I was soo scared … I remember being so excited when going on those huge roller coasters.. but now all I could think of was he going to fall out..? what if the ride shuts down? what if he starts to cry..?

None of the aforementioned things happened but.. I think I aged two years in that one moment....


haircutting in high heels said...

I love the pics! I am a scaredy cat too when it comes to rides, thank goodness the little ones can keep us grounded and remind us to have fun. Remember Colossus at Magic Mountain? I almost lost my purse!

Eva Smith said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate a Birthday! Shogun, Knotts Berry Farm, WooHoo! Future Foodie in training.

Bere said...

Gina: Hey chica! I know .. it is so scary to see my baby's grow older.. but them on a roller coaster was INSANE.. lol.. and yes i remember Colossus..:(! It was soo much fun though..

Eva: It was AWESOME.. and Shogun was sooo yummy .... I am so glad that my boys are future foodies! :) we are so excited because we are going to Vegas for thanksgiving.. for the restaurants!! tee hee hee

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