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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mojitos and Tacones

 Anytime that I get ready to go out I never have a clue what I am going to wear! Since I was leaving from work, cooking dinner, supervising showers for the boys, and dropping them off all BEFORE getting ready I knew that I had to just go with a fail safe outfit (peep-toe pumps, jeans, and cute top), and hope that my hair would cooperate for the dryer. 

Thankfully the boys and my hair cooperated and I was headed to LA Live. I have been there once before to eat at the Yard House (which has some awesome food by the way) but I had never been to the Conga Room. When I got there I was greeted by the wonderfully efficient Mariluz. She totally made me feel like a total VIP!! Look at the room they arranged for us!

Monique, Leslie (and her gorgeous prima), Cynthia, Teresa and I were treated to an awesome time. We hung out for a while (the mojito was great!), chatted and took pictures. Let me tell you, this venue is amazing just look at the floor (whoever designed this place did an amazing job):

*Sigh* -- Look at this view!!

When Tito El Bambino came on the whole place went crazy!! He really is an amazing performer (it does help that he is rather cute :p)..

I am so glad that I was able to meet some amazing ladies and hang out in a gorgeous venue... the entertainment was the icing on the cake for this overworked chica ;) ... sometimes it takes a night out to give you the boost you need to handle the rest of the week; I needed this.. thank you Conga Room!!

Coming up at the Conga Room:
SALSEROS--- Eddie Santiago will be there Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disclosure: AdventuresofThree received complimentary entrance,however, this is not a sponsored post.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drive-ins, babies, and wizards...

When my second child was just a baby I was living in Trotwood, OH. Things were so hectic; I was trying to finish my bachelor's degree, taking my other son to preschool, and trying to find a job. I couldn’t believe that I was a single parent. Just the year before I was living in Minot, ND, was married, and had on my figurative rose-colored glasses. What a difference a year made! 

Darion (my oldest son—8 years old going on 40) and I had already started our love affair with movies. He wanted to see the movie “Ratatouille “ that had just come out but because I had no babysitter, not a lot of money, and I was randomly searching Google that night; I discovered that there was drive-in alive and kicking about 10 minutes from where I lived. That was perfect because we could take a restless baby with us, they only charged per car not per person and since it was during the week it was like $8, and most of all it was something I had always wanted to try.
I am not kidding when I say that that was the one of the most memorable nights of my life (as well as my son’s – he still remembers it). Maybe it was a combination of a night of being able to just relax, a warm evening, beautiful skies, and being able to share a “first” with both of my boys. We saw “Ratatouille” and the boys loved it (the baby just cooed and gurgled but hey, he didn’t cry). What I didn’t know was that you could watch two movies for the price of one (yes, legally)! This particular double-feature was joined by “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”. 

That is when Darion and I began our obsession with the young wizard. I had never heard of the books let alone the movies and I was ready to dismiss this movie but Darion said he wanted to stay. Before the movie came on we got to walk around for a little bit. This drive-in was in the middle of a field and could you believe that there were actual fireflies amidst the cars?! I was stunned by the beauty of the huge screen and how it blended with the breeze of the fields and the fireflies that would carelessly fly around us. I had a car with a sun-roof so we got to glance up at the stars as well. *sigh*

By the time Harry Potter actually began, the baby was fast asleep and it was just me and my buddy. We hadn’t been able to spend any one on one time since the baby had arrived so we were pretty psyched about watching a movie together. The movie resonated with both of us for different reasons and to this day is still our favorite movie. 

I enjoyed it because it was definitely something that I would have enjoyed as a kid. Also, since I didn’t know my biological father I identified a little bit with a little boy that hadn’t know his parents. Darion loved it because he liked to imagine that with magic he could make his world “perfect” again. He asked me for the first time that night “Why did Daddy leave?” That movie gave him the courage to ask something that he had probably been wondering for over a year. (More on this particular conversation later..)

We went home that day dazzled by the new world that we were introduced to and listened to all of the audio books over the next couple of weeks. We are so excited about watching the end of the series this weekend but it will definitely be very bittersweet.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vaccines: Are they really necessary?

It’s one of the moments that every new parent dreads “the first shots”. The first time was definitely the hardest because I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know that I should give my baby Tylenol about a half hour before the shots. I also didn’t know that if you massage the area immediately after the shots it helps the muscles not hurt as much later. My first-born was left to his devices and I was left a nervous wreck asking the pediatrician the following:

Are they really necessary?

Can immunizations cause Autism?

By the last question I was near tears (I blame the post-pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones. The experienced doctor told me to just take a deep breath. She told me that it is VERY important for children to get their immunizations not just for their health but that of other children as well and that it is just a myth that vaccines can cause Autism. 

I won’t say I was relieved but her answers helped. It got progressively better to take him to get the rest of his shots throughout the years and I found that by keeping up with his regular checkups the nurses usually kept on top of when I needed to bring him in for his shots. 

Upon researching the CDC website I learned that when the boys are teenagers they can even get a shot for the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), although since this is spread through sexual contact just the thought alone that I will one day be looking into this for my boys starts giving me a mild panic attack! 

Here are some links for those lucky parents of teens to look into in regards to HPV. (I was pretty surprised that it was even offered to boys!)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post.