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Friday, October 22, 2010

Living MY American Dream

So, yesterday I went to see Eva Longoria’s new documentary: “Latinos:Living the American Dream.”--- before I tell you all about the night and the film let me just say a few things… I NEVER felt as proud to be a Latina as I did last night after watching the film and listening to Eva and her team talk about their journey towards making this film.
I never appreciated a brand more than I did last night … PEPSI ROCKS! They understand the unbeliEVAble :) power of Latinos and helped Eva Longoria get OUR story out there. THAT was so powerful to me. She said something (well.. lots of things) that really struck a cord in my cultural soul, “we need to get our stories out there because if we don’t no one will…we are seen so negatively in the media that we need to showcase ourselves in a positive light…” (s/n… those may not have been her exact word because I didn’t think to write it down .. but that was the gist of what she said)… I can’t agree with her more .. which is one of the reasons I started this blog.. to empower, support, and reach those people that may need to hear how I struggle and how I handle things .. and maybe they won’t feel so alone.. maybe they will feel empowered that there are others out there struggling and they too can overcome their obstacles.. not all Latina Moms/daughters/wives/sisters have someone to talk to .. maybe they don’t have a lot of positive role models/mentors/sister-friends….perhaps I can be that for them… and THAT is how I feel I can make a difference .. that is how I CAN LIVE MY AMERICAN DREAM .. by not staying silent .. by not being an island.. by reinventing myself through my words and finding power in networking with other strong and beautiful LATINAS that share some of my views and struggles…I feel proud to be LATINA.. are YOU proud of yourself too?

More to come about the night and the INSPIRING film!


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