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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Morning Adventure -- Take One

Hello! This blog will be one in which I can vent my exasperation, frustration, utter disbelief, and of course.. (drum roll please...) blissful experiences .... WITH MY BOYS!

Darion is 7 years old going on 50...

Jaden is 4 years old going on .. well.. he's just trying to not hurt himself too badly ...

It is about my youngest that my first post will on:

Morning routine w/ Jaden went like this---

Jaden: "Mommy... I am going to miss you soooo much... I don't want to go to school" (enter the batting of his enormous eyelashes)

Me: "Jaden, unless you want to eat your saliva for breakfast you need to hurry up and get your clothes on .. oh and Mommy loves and misses you very much everyday ..."

.... one hour later in Kindergarten

Me: "Jaden, Mommy is going to miss you sooo much" (hugging and kissing her baby)

Jaden: "Mommy... you know .. you wouldn't be missing me if YOU HAD LET ME STAY HOME!"

End Scene


Jessica Sofia Valle said...

I can see Jade saying that!

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