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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I feel like I just plunged in without really giving you guys much of our back ground. I am a single mom that works what  feels like ALL the time. I have an awesome group of friends and family. I try really hard at seeing the cup half full.. and when I can't do that .. I am just thankful to have the cup in the first place ... :)

Darion is the serious one of the family.. I think he is either going to be a judge or a chef because he loves to cook while managing to be obsessed with directions and rules.

Jaden, however, has never met a rule he wouldn't break.. I fear he is either going to be a football player or a lawyer... he likes to bend the rules, find loopholes and/or find new ways of hurting himself...

I sometimes (ok... 97.5% of the time) feel very overwhelmed because God knows I have NO IDEA what it means to be a man .. so how in the world can I raise two of them?! Just the memories of potty training them give me nightmares. However, the other percent of the time is spent being in awe that these two amazing kids are mine. They are funny and have the biggest hearts .. and that makes me so proud.


Jessica Sofia Valle said...

They make me proud too! <3

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