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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nom Nom and Art

We look forward to two days in the fall: Halloween and ART Night in Pasadena ( I know that they have a lot of them around the city but our favorite is the one in Pasadena.. partly because it so close to our home). I haven't been able to spend as much time with the boys because of all of the overtime I have been doing (even though over half of my OT earnings went in taxes, union fees, and retirement account) so we were all psyched to just spend time together.

It was a beautiful evening, warm, gorgeous moon, and we encountered some awesome performances. The highlight of the evening though was the food trucks (according to my foodie children) was the Nom Nom truck. Even though they got our order wrong both of the times we ordered, the fact that they were friendly made it semi-okay (they didn't fix the orders though...) The sandwiches were really good (we just scraped the stuff we didn't want off).

We hit up Kidspace and Darion told the engineer from NASA that he could make the Rover out of Legos :) ... he laughed and said that that is actually how they begin prototypes and later my son said that he wanted to be a mechanical engineer but he wanted to build cars not stuff that went to outer space. I laughed and told him that he could build a car that could go to outer space and he was very intrigued. I love that we have the kind of relationship that lets us talk about theoretical stuff like that and in the next breath talk about the painting we saw. My boys were exactly what I needed after a crazy week. 

Here are some pictures from our evening: (Remember to be present in all of your relationships because they are like flowers, they need attention and constant watering. The bloom of a well-tended relationship is soooo worth it! XoXo!)




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