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Friday, October 21, 2011

Educational Adventures inspired by Univision's EDÚCATE Campaign


Even though the economy is hampering progress right now, I believe that things will get better. Maybe not soon, but eventually changes have to be made if we are going to advance to be the beacon we used to be. Remember when immigrants would talk about gazing at the Statue of Liberty for the first time and feeling like they could do anything? When did that change for the immigrant population?  I digress... 

Let’s come together and stop quibbling over whose politics make more sense and start recognizing (and caring) that while we bicker; there are unemployed people losing their homes, families with no food to eat, and a generation that is beginning to lose hope. I believe that change is sparked by an educated mind that is inspired to move toward a goal. 

   With that said, here are some things that I tell my children to inspire them: 

1.           Never forget that your education is your shield; no one can take it from you.

2.           Never let someone tell you that you can’t do something; if they do—prove them wrong.

3.           Remember that the best leaders in history didn’t always start off being brave and knowing what to   
        do; this came after they took a stand and followed their passion.

4.           If you fall, don’t stay down, get back up and remember why you fell in the first place. Every failure 
        is just a lesson preparing you for success.

5.            If you think only of yourself you can’t expect to be fulfilled in life because one the greatest feelings in   the world is the contentment you feel when you help others. 

Education week is wrapping up and I just want to say that I am happy to have been a part of something that I believe in. To me, education is the first step to financial success and cultural awareness. Hopefully something I said in my posts has inspired you to get involved in your community, go back to school, or maybe even motivated you to participate more in your children’s academic life.

For more information about Univision’s EDÚCATE Campaign please visit the following link:

They offer information on scholarships, educational resources in your state, and an extensive list of universities.


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