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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sand, road and my first marathon…

Last weekend I ran my first marathon.. Let me tell you .. it was a very big milestone in my life… let me explain.. in my family we are prone to uterine and breast cancer so I get checked quite frequently (which I HIGHLY encourage all the ladies reading this to do the same .. and men to please encourage the women in your life to do the same). Last June I had to have a growth removed and then unfortunately it returned by November which meant I had to have another surgery.

It was difficult for all of us, me and my children were in a very bad emotional place.. needless to say I had to move from Tampa, FL back home to have the second surgery and make sure that I recuperated fully … thankfully it has not returned (woooo hooo).. which leads me to my marathon story.. the anniversary of my second surgery was on November 4th  and so that day I made a decision to "take more control" of my body.. and that led me to make the decision to run my first marathon .. well that and one more thing..

One thing that is very hard for a strong woman to say out loud is that they need help and believe me .. last year taught me to humble myself enough to ask for outside help .. but there is one more thing.. HAVING OTHERS BELIEVE IN YOU MEANS SOOOO MUCH…

Also in November some very special people believed in me enough to send me out to a press junket for the Toy Story 3 DVD release and that day pushed me to believe that I could come out of the shell that I had created because of a variety of circumstances… if you get nothing else out of this post .. hear this: LONELINESS is a choice… you have to want better for yourself and just take a leap of faith .. because believe me .. even though the hardest thing to face is to rejection.. what is worse is not even trying.. GET OUT THERE.. join a gym. join a book club, take a college class.. reevaluate what you are doing and find what you love because as you get older the things you enjoy change.. and once you find out what you love .. GO FOR IT…. and just know that the universe/God/ or whatever it is that you believe in .. are behind you .. if you just love yourself enough to seek positivity.. :) Leave me a comment and let me know what drives you or what you love now that you may not have realized you loved … as for me .. I'm training for my next marathon! 

Here are some pics:

Me and the road :)

My favorite part of my run ...


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