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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August was STOLEN!!

Yes readers, I was robbed. Somehow August has come and (almost) gone. What has happened this month you ask? Well, I attended my very first BlogHer, went on my first business-vacation with the boys, helped my mother move, helped her pick out appliances for her new place, attended my very fist CONCERT (SADE!!), and am giving my very first "virtual" Spanish classes to a very bright and funny little girl.

I have tons of free time right? (Did I forget to mention my migraines are back due to wonky dental work done back in March... ouch)

Well with that said there is more .. so much more that I am working on, I am researching some things for two more blogs that I will be debuting soon and am finish up another HUGE project. After all is said and done my original blog has suffered :( .. so I am sharing this with you now .. I will be turning thirty next year on March 7th and I have slowly been making some changes in my life:

1. I refuse to feel guilty for doing things that I love. (i.e if I want to go to a concert and dinner by myself and treat myself to dinner.. I will do so)

2. I have cut out my beloved soda from my diet (5 days a week.. :)

3. I will not apologize for things that I have to do for the well being of my children or myself. (Yes there are definitely some feelings that will be hurt)

4. I will NOT allow myself to become a pushover because I want to be nice to everybody (more on this at a later date) -- this has gone on for TOOO long and I refuse to go into my thirties being labeled as such.

5. I will love myself first.. (NO.. this doesn't mean that me being a Mom is not one of the most important and beloved roles that I play) I can't make anyone happy if don't spend some quality time with myself and really come to love who I have become.

Those are my top five -- but there are quite a few more..

I  have really missed my readers and some of the emails that I have gotten from you guys make my day .. seriously.

Please tell me what changes you would make today (email or comments would be awesome!)! Until next time: Be inspired today .. because tomorrow is another chance at happiness and adventures -- meet it with a smile!


Eva said...

Wow! So much has gone for you all summer. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Looking forward to the debut of your new blogs. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bere said...

Thank you Eva! I am so glad I was able to see you this month!

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