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Monday, November 14, 2011

LATISM'11 --- Letra de Amor

I have had an amazing seven or so days, but the highlight has to be the two days that I spent in Chicago for the LATISM'11 conference. Yes, it was freezing but it is STILL one of my favorite cities. I didn't really get to take a lot of pictures because I worked as volunteer for this event, however, I can honestly say that it was worth everything to be able to go. The workshops were amazing, the highlight for me was the Education TownHall with representatives from the White House asking us questions and then having us answer them in both large and small group sessions.

There will be other blog posts about some of the companies that were in attendance because they had some truly incredible things to convey to us, however, I want to talk about one component that set this conference apart from the other conferences that I have attended.

For those of you that are not familiar with LATISM one of the things that we do is we have a weekly tweetup every Thursday. We have covered issues such as education, using social media for social change, and many others. We talk to one another, answer questions, and put our views out there for the world to acknowledge. In doing so we have become a community, a family, and we really do love each other very much. Over the weeks, we have gotten to know each other because if you end your tweet with the #LATISM hashtag believe me someone is there to listen.

Often you would hear the words, "...I follow you on Twitter.." or "..I was hoping you would be here hermano/a". It may sound cheesy but there was a lot of love in the air in Navy Pier. Sure, we love to debate over politics, social views, and so on .. but at the end of the day .. we have formed a family that supports one another and tries to lift each other up.

I was so proud to see my fellow LATISM brothers and sisters because they truly inspire me each and everyday to be better and to dream bigger. There were so many people there that said or did something that touched my heart and I will take the memories of this trip with me and look forward to more in HOUSTON for LATISM 2012!


Tony Vargas said...

Amiga... ¡Me encantó tu espíritu y tu sonrisa! There was a collective & communal 'buen rollo' shared by all this past week that has gained and continues to breath a life of its own. I was proud to form part of that group alongside you and thank you for your valuable contribution to esa hermandad linda como tu bien dices tan guapamente!! :D ¡¡Abrazotes colega!!

Ana said...

Mi Reina! it was such an honor to meet you in person. Thank you for all your kind words and for your energy. Welcome to your new familia!

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